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Sunscape Lawns LLC is a Gainesville, Florida, lawn care and landscaping business offering services to homeowners, apartment complexes, property management companies, and local businesses.  


We can offer a variety of landscaping services for our residential and commercial clients.

Lawn Maintenance  

SunScape Lawns LLC can provide valuable lawn maintenance services to homeowners and commercial businesses. 

Exterior Cleaning  

Residential and Commercial  

Singlefamily homes, apartments, office complexes, business parks, and more.  

Sunscape Lawns LLC offers exterior cleaning services for buildings, patios, decks, and other outdoor surfaces. Here’s an overview of the process:  



We first assess the exterior surfaces' condition and specific cleaning needs. Our team will identify any stains, dirt buildup, mold, mildew, or other contaminants that require attention.


Selecting the cleaning method

Our team chooses an appropriate cleaning method depending on the type of surface and the nature of the stains or dirt. Some common techniques include pressure washing, soft washing, or a combination of both.


Pressure washing

For more durable surfaces like concrete, stone, or brick, pressure washing may be utilized. This involves using a high-pressure water spray to remove dirt, stains, and debris. We will adjust the pressure settings and choose suitable nozzles or attachments based on the surface being cleaned.


Soft washing

For more delicate surfaces like wooden decks, siding, or roofs, soft washing is often preferred. Soft washing utilizes low-pressure water combined with specialized cleaning solutions to safely remove dirt, mold, mildew, and other contaminants without causing damage.


Surface preparation

Our team may perform surface preparation before cleaning. This can include sweeping or removing loose debris, applying pre-treatment solutions to stubborn stains or heavily soiled areas, or protecting nearby plants and landscaping features from cleaning agents.


Application of cleaning methods

We will systematically clean the exterior surfaces using either pressure washing or soft washing techniques. We will move the cleaning equipment or wand across the surface consistently, ensuring thorough coverage and effective cleaning. Every move we make is deliberate and ensures your property is clean and protected.


Stain or spot treatment

If some specific stains or spots require extra attention, we may apply spot treatments or use specialized cleaning techniques to address them individually. This can involve applying stronger cleaning agents, scrubbing with brushes, or using other appropriate tools.


Rinse and final inspection

Once the cleaning process is complete, we will rinse the surfaces thoroughly, removing any residual cleaning agents or detergent. We will conduct a final inspection to ensure the surfaces are clean, free of stains, and restored to their original condition.

We always adapt our approach based on the unique needs of the project and the materials involved. 

Sunscape Lawns LLC can help homeowners and commercial businesses achieve well-maintained, healthy, and visually appealing landscapes by providing comprehensive Exterior Cleaning Services. 

Our Commitment to You

Sunscape Lawns LLC is part of the Gainesville Community. There’s no smoke and mirrors behind what we do. We provide quality lawn care with exceptional customer service and stand behind our work.


We always take time to research every project. We understand the different types of Florida grasses and how to best care for and cut lawns to ensure everything is healthy and looks great. We are responsible to the property owner and live up to their investment in our work.


We value communication and always keep your experience at the top of our minds. All Sunscape Lawn LLC clients can reach our owner, Jake, directly. We’ll always show up when we say we will and never drop the ball on communication.


We value education. For every job, we’ll talk to you about what you want and determine the best solutions for your yard or property. We’ll always keep you in the loop about what we’re doing and even show you the best ways to care for your lawn between services.  

No job is too small.

Call us directly to learn more about Sunscape Lawns LLC and our commitment to you, your outdoor space, and the Gainesville community.


Here's What People Are Saying

"Sunscape has helped my mom and I out a lot. the amount of professionalism and care they put into their work is respectable. They did a huge clean up job at my moms house and made it a brand new lawn. Super nice group of guys as well. Phenomenal work."

I. Nielsen

Jake maintains our 5 acre property on a regular schedule, but most recently he put together a landscape design for us to beautify the area around our outdoor patio. He took the time to come up with a list of flowers and shrubs that do well with our lighting, and took a soil sample to appropriately fertilize the shrubs afterwards. We are so pleased with the work and effort they put into this project! I would highly recommend Sunscape Lawns to anyone looking for landscaping or regular maintenance!

M. Altom

When I recently purchased a home in Gainesville, the yard was out of control and most of the landscaping businesses in town were unresponsive. When I found Jake, he was very responsive, and fit me in right away. I now use his services regularly and he does a great job, at a price that fits within my budget. He is also very accommodating to any requests that I have. I highly recommend his services!

Stephanie R.

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